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Waltl seilbahnen GMBH
Cable Car Systems

The WALTL Seilbahnen GmbH is a dynamic company with over 20 years of professional experience in the cable car industry. Its customers include energy companies, construction companies, cable car operators (mountain railways/ski resorts, alpine clubs/protection and mountain huts, etc.) and municipal companies.

WALTL Seilbahnen is an international company specializing in the assembly, operation, and rental of material cable cars, assembly and disassembly of passenger and factory cable cars, and heavy cable installations and tensioning up to 180 tons.



Your request - The first step is the request, in which the project is described in detail to get a first assessment of the requirements and scope of the project.

The first meeting - Following the request, a first meeting takes place where the customer's requirements and wishes are discussed to achieve an optimized understanding of the project.

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Initial cost calculation - Based on the information received, an initial cost calculation is created which provides a transparent and detailed overview of the expected costs of the project.

Detailed planning - After approval of the cost calculation, the planning phase begins, where the technical details of the project are defined.

Timely execution - After the planning phase is completed, the execution of the project takes place, where the developed plans are put into reality.

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All products, developments, and constructions comply with current engineering standards and valid CE regulations. The company also holds welding certifications EXC-3 / EN1090, depending on your requirements.



The company WALTTL ROPEWAYS offers the installation and operation of ropeways. Complete systems or their components are also rented out (such as our high-performance cable winches, cable cranes, support elements and other accessories).

The systems are designed according to the customer's wishes, and of course planned and built in accordance with the guidelines of the O.I.T.A.F and country-specific regulations.

Furthermore, the customer's operating personnel is trained in all details by our technicians. This includes maintenance, operation and handling of ropeways.



➜ Assembly, repair and replacement of all types of ropes. With the use of high-tech equipment and know-how, a professional assembly of the system is guaranteed within the shortest possible time frame.

➜ Rope blocks with drive and direct braking device.

➜ Cable winches up to 50 t direct traction and braking power, as well as tensioning devices for 90 mm thick ropes and 180 tons of rope tension.

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➜ Production of pouring sleeves and cable compression
➜ Splicing work and cable shortening in continuous loop cables
➜ Moving of carrying cables and tensioning
➜ Magnetic induction testing
➜ Cleaning and lubricating of cables
➜ Revisions of all types of roller batteries
➜ Bearing changes on deflection sheaves
➜ Welding and machining of bearing seats up to ∅600, also possible on site


From the avalanche control line, to the cable car for supplying their mountain/shelter hut, to the material cable car with factory traffic or the tow lift and the double cable pendulum gondola in the large ski area.

We also build various support and carrying structures, as well as drive and deflection stations, with the highest degree of accuracy and safety, even in seemingly inaccessible places.

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We also carry out the professional dismantling of your old facility, and we prepare everything for resale if desired, with care!


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